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After studying dance in Europe, Julie returned to the United States and graduated from Creighton University. With a desire to expand her knowledge of the arts and spirituality, she graduated from St. John’s University in Collegeville with a Masters in Theology and Liturgical Studies. Over the past twenty years, she has taught high school and college courses, and facilitated workshops on the healing arts while occasionally writing for academic periodicals. Her quest to acknowledge world religions and the desire to expose the similarities of love and peaceful living, led her to travel, live, and study with shaman practitioners, herbal healers, Native American medicine women, Buddhist priests and other earth-based spiritual teachers. Through these experiences and experiences with global metaphysical teachings, she learned to honor the eternal Source of love in all people. Besides writing fiction, Julie is co-creating a Space of Love through advocacy for Kin Domains.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Negativity Righted

"Metaphysically, there are only two emotions: love and fear. That means all negativity is derived from fear. So say you are upset. You are angry, you are feeling whatever you are feeling. If it's not well being, contentment, optimism, thrill, enthusiasm, hope, trust, compassion, passion, happiness, wonder, love, peace, joy, it is derived from fear.

What am I afraid of?
I'm afraid the situation will not be solved in a way that serves me.
What casts out fear?
Love casts out fear.
What is the expression of love which casts out fear?

Faith is an aspect of consciousness. If you are truly convicted that in Source all things are possible then you can lift out of fear.

Think about this. Most people have faith that a problem will not be solved or righted."

Imagine changing that perception of faith. Then imagine the new energetic of optimistic possibility. To work with Transition, fear must have a means of eradication. Faith isn't exclusive of a religious denomination--agreed beliefs are. Anyone can practice faith.

Check out Marianne Williamson's Miracle Thought page and listen to her comments on negativity.


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