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After studying dance in Europe, Julie returned to the United States and graduated from Creighton University. With a desire to expand her knowledge of the arts and spirituality, she graduated from St. John’s University in Collegeville with a Masters in Theology and Liturgical Studies. Over the past twenty years, she has taught high school and college courses, and facilitated workshops on the healing arts while occasionally writing for academic periodicals. Her quest to acknowledge world religions and the desire to expose the similarities of love and peaceful living, led her to travel, live, and study with shaman practitioners, herbal healers, Native American medicine women, Buddhist priests and other earth-based spiritual teachers. Through these experiences and experiences with global metaphysical teachings, she learned to honor the eternal Source of love in all people. Besides writing fiction, Julie is co-creating a Space of Love through advocacy for Kin Domains.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Akashic Record Divination continued

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On the prescribed date and time, the person arrives becoming my client and I usher them into a pre-set room. While I settle them, I remain humbled that this person would want to hear what the ancient ones have to say. The mystery of the process still eludes me. As I prepare for the divination, I ask God that the divine words come in a form I am able to impart and my heart be continually infused with love. Intent is extremely important.

I begin by opening the link to my records using silent prayer. In this way, I am sensing my own energy with clarity and can easily recognize the energy of the client. I can also ask for guidance from my higher-self in detaching from something I do not understand and allow the client’s message to flow regardless of my knowledge. When I finish my prayers and before I open someone’s records, I ask the client several questions. The most important being, do they want to be fully present and allow for this exchange? Resistance makes the divination a powerful drain on me. If they fight me on a subconscious level, I will struggle to hear any messages. Their job is to remain open to receiving and being fully present.

Lighted candles have been placed about the room as an invitation to welcome spirit. My feet are planted on the floor and my hands are open to receive. The posture allows the energy to move through unobstructed. I ask that the client resume the same posture. At this time I pray. I pray for the light of God, the Source of all that is to shield us so that nothing but the divine can enter into the space. Using this prayer, creates a protective tube of white light around us. When this tube of light is engaged, the energy enters from above and brings me immediately into the realm of the Akashic. This is the place where information about a soul since its inception is held in its entirety. Always a guide or comes forward. I have learned over the years not to expect a guide to necessarily contain human form or essence. Rather to expect a divine energy being.


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